Sandstone Set H Red 1


There is a soft spot in every climber’s heart for the sweet feel of the sticky velvet that is sandstone.  Here ETCH has captured that feel amazingly, covering everything from aggressive crimps to sweet jugs to stellar slopers.  A setter’s favorite for over a decade, this series will keep your climbers coming back for more.

Hybrid Sandstone Set G
Hybrid Sandstone

From the mind of the infamous Jason Kehl.  this set offers some of the thinnest crimps and deepest jugs in the ETCH line.  With a unique texture, this series lends itself well to any angle or difficulty.

Joes F
Joe’s Valley

Maybe you are training for your next session on the infamous Black Lung.  Maybe you just love that unique sandstone feel that only Joe’s Valley has to offer.  Whatever keeps you dreaming of Joe’s, ETCH has got you covered.  Our Joe’s series offers the most comfortable, realistic feel on the market.

Limestone Set C

You might be asking yourself if we molded these strait from the best limestone crag in the country.  Nope, these came from the mind’s of ETCH’s amazing shapers to bring you the truest limestone texture and feel.  These holds give you the closest thing to limestone, short of getting on your favorite route.

Euro Limestone D
Euro Limestone

We’ve all heard about it.  Some of us have been privileged enough to feel it.  Here we offer the best of European Limestone.  If you are looking to set anything from 5.6 to V15, this line has you covered with European style.

Font D 

Here we offer holds from one of the greatest climbing areas in the world.  This series offers a wide variety of pinches, slopers, edges, and jugs to keep the whole gym happy.  With a style truly Font, these hold would make any Frenchman salute.


This series needs little introduction.  Based on the Mecca that is Hueco Tanks, this series brings that unique stone to your fingertips and allows for some amazing movement on comfortable, yet realistic grips.

Ergo E 

Another of Jason Kehl’s creations, we have a series designed for comfort and performance.  The Ergos create an incredibly pleasing climbing experience while still offering any difficulty climbers could ask for.

Slicks D 

Reminiscent of many of the incredible sandstone features you will find out in the real world, this series offers a twist.  A dual textured face creates some interesting movement and keeps creativity flowing.

Compers Set C Orange

The Compers have been a setter’s favorite for steep wall climbing since their inception.  With a dual textured shell, it allows you to force movement.  These pockety, edgey grips allow for  smooth ergonomic comfort on steep angles.

Jugs A 
Jugs & Fingerbuckets

Everyone is looking for those perfect jugs.  Well friends, we’ve got ’em in spades.  The Jugs and Finger Buckets Series offers everything form deep full finger groping to sweet buckety goodness.  Easy on the skin and with enough variety to keep everyone happy, this entire series is a staple in the ETCH brand.

Mini Slopey Pinches 
Pinches and Pockets

If you are looking for some of the finest pinches and pockets, then look no further.  These holds offer ETCH’s classic, comfortable texture with enough challenge to keep any climber coming back for more.  Once you get your hands on our pinches and pockets, you may never want to let go.

Crimper G 

Our Crimper Series is the real deal.  We offer everything from slopey, crimpy, madness, to sweet incut grips.  This series is at home on any wall.

ET00075_Toobz Set C_Blue_Main 

These babies will give your fingers a workout like they’ve never had before. Designed to be challenging with thin rails and rolling edges, Toobz will make you strong!

T Rex  

Some of the best and most creative shapers have created our ETCH features.  From 2XL to 7XL, ETCH features offer every possible combination for the climber.  Our iconic mondo holds will please all who encounter them.

Sand Foot A Red 

With style and utility in mind, ETCH footholds are an important addition to all walls.

HERA Board 

There is no match for ETCH training products.