Our Story

Born in 2004, ETCH was the brainchild of Chris Jenkins and Ben Montgomery.  In running Earth Treks Climbing Gyms on the East Coast, they were never content with the holds they ordered.

They began to shape and pour their own plastic, and ETCH became an iconic standard in the indoor climbing industry.

In 2007, ETCH was sold to a couple of dedicated climbers who continued the to produce the strongest and best shapes in the industry. ETCH holds have been carefully thought out and shaped by the likes of Ben Montgomery, Jason Kehl, Anthony Chertudi, Louie Anderson, and Justen Hawks.

ETCH Holds are timeless, and are standards in just about every gym across the United States.  While some of the hold series represent the best climbing spots in the world, others are simply clean and pure creations that both challenge and inspire better, stronger climbing.

Today ETCH continues to innovate and push the envelope of creativity, while maintaining our main focus, which has long been to create the highest quality handholds on the market.

Only Mother Nature Makes better shapes!